Darkcon 2012: Steampunk outfits, v1.0!

The Artist Wife and I went to Darkcon this last weekend, and wore v1.0 of our Steampunk outfits. My sole “steampunk” bit was my goggles, but I’ve got lots of other things planned…buttons from my friend Epaul Fisher are in process, I got a couple of nice walking sticks from a dear friend to just round out the Victorian Ensemble, and a few other things.

Nicely, we both got lots of requests for pictures, which is a sure sign you’re doing things right! I also got lots of comments on my goggles, and I have a few changes to make (mostly gluing the loupes in place so they don’t move).

The Artist Wife also got lots of compliments on our watch chains (her Etsy Store – BUY THEM!) and sold one to a passerby. 🙂