Phoenix Comiccon: Steampunk outfit, v1.1

I’m really pleased with how my Steampunk stuff is progressing!

Last weekend was Phoenix Comiccon…and while it wasn’t the 60,000 attendees that San Diego Comiccon is, it was a respectable 25,000!

The major improvement to my outfit was my hat), but I also updated the buttons on my vest and coat with handmade ones by a local artist. I added a number of forums, including steampunk weapons and clothing, and had a great time running into quite a number of friends. I avoided the SCA booth and the glares I received from it.

Me and Mouse
Xoff and the gorgeous Mouse! (and a nice side view of the hat!)
Me, Susan, and Bea
Another Con pic, you can see the brass buttons on vest (with Lady Bea and The Artist Wife)
Brass button closeup
Closeup of the new brass buttons

I saw a lot of great outfits and have a tons of ideas…stay tuned!