Pip-boy fonts…

Lots of online sources claim multiple different fonts for the pip-boy.

Here are two of the major contenders prefaced by an in-game closeup of the same text for comparison. First is Gothic 821 BT Condensed (pay) and second is Monofonto (free):

Font Comparison: In-game vs Gothic 821 and Monofonto
Font Comparison: In-game vs Gothic 821 and Monofonto

I can’t really imagine Bethesda using a free font, and the kerning/spacing on Gothic looks much better to me…but I’m not 100% convinced. I’ve seen a couple OCR fonts that look really close as well, including one that is already converted for use in the LCD I’m getting. Once I get the LCD I’ll see what that looks like. While I’m totally about authenticity in this stuff, there is diminishing returns: 90% accuracy for little work is more worthwhile that 100% accuracy for a lot of extra work. Time I could spend doing something else on the project…like making the background of scanlines work.

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  1. This was surprisingly helpful to me, so thank you very much. I’m making a bunch of pip-boy icons at the moment and really wanted to find a font that would at least be close enough and look good. 🙂