Pip-boy casting arrived!

The pip-boy casting I ordered from Forge Props arrived today!

Front of casting on 8.5x11 paper

This isn’t an exact copy from the game, but one that has been altered to use an iPod Touch or iPhone as the screen. I bought a 3.2″ LCD that should be pretty close. I cut a piece of paper to match the LCD screen size and it will fit nicely:

3.2" screen fitting

I’ll need to make a black frame for the LCD both because the space isn’t a rectangle but has curves and cutouts, and because the screen is a bit smaller, but I’m really pleased with the potential fit!

The buttons (center bottom of the screen) are a bit smaller than I’d thought. The LED momentary buttons I got from Sparkfun are too big (12mm body), and the non-button LEDs from Radioshack that most other people are using appears to replace the entire cast button detail. Good news is the style of the Sparkfun button looks almost identical, and I might just use it anyway.

Sparkfun LED button and the commonly used non-button LED
Mold button closeup

I’ve got an awful lot of material to remove with dremeling, as the cast is not trimmed at all. First step will be to cut it to exact shape so I can do a very preliminary test fit on my arm to see how much room I have to work with. Next I need to cut the speaker grill holes and find appropriately sized screws and rivets.