Pocket Watch Chains

For Christmas, a friend got me a nifty little pocketwatch from Amazon. The chain it came with was designed for attached to a belt instead of a waistcoat (apparently that’s more common…)

The Artist Wife quickly added various watch chains for me to wear. Here is the watch with a “double Albert” chain (double meaning it uses both pockets and Albert after Queen Victoria’s husband.)

Double Albert brass watch with chain, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

The Artist Wife also made me single Albert chains in both silver and brass:
Single Albert silver watch chainSingle Albert silver watch chain

…and double Alberts:
Double Albert brass watch chainDouble Albert silver watch chain

So I’m pretty darned set chain-wise!

(Note: in looking at the pics, I’m wearing the button pin too high, its supposed to be even with the button at the top of the pockets. I know better now!)