Project Completed: Black Watch Pith Helmet!

With a lot of help from The Artist Wife, the Pith Helmet for the Black Watch outfit is done!

The tartan is stiffened with medium weight interfacing to give it some body and was then folded over into a double thickness and spray-adhesived together to make a single piece, and glued (using E6000) to the pith helmet. The red feather hackle is also glued into the puggaree (the band running around the hat) with E6000.

Next, I trimmed the metal pins from the back of the badge and added some scrap foamboard to give enough surface area that the badge (which is convex) could be glued to the tartan fabic.

All that nice evenness and well-trimmed edges? That’s the Artist Wife. 🙂

Lastly, I replaced the pleather band with nice laredo strapping that ties into the inside of the helmet’s supports.