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  • So, this just happened…I’m in another Steampunk music video!

    Remember that Professor Elemental music video I was in? (If you don’t, go watch it here!)

    Well, I’m in another Steampunk style music video! This video is from the local Phoenix Arizona Jeff Hunt Band is of their song “Caravan” which happens to be the theme song from Mantecoza, a Steampunk web series/movie that was filmed locally in Arizona over the last several years. Mantecoza is due out later this year, so stay tuned for that!

    Anyway, the Jeff Hunt Band video (directed by Katherine Stewart, the female lead of Mantecoza and wonderful local actor, director, and Steampunk!) was shot locally with Steampunk and Cosplay volunteers over a long Saturday afternoon…it was a complete blast!

    Without further ado, here it is…enjoy!